Simply put, we’ve been doing this stuff a long time.

Since 2000 SPRY has been offering professional Internet Marketing, Web Design & Development services in Calgary, Alberta and to clients internationally. Our leadership team has over 43 years of knowledge and expertise. We can guide your company through the entire process from initial strategy development to ongoing marketing. Our services are tailored to maximize your Online Marketing potential.

Our goals are simple — drive traffic to your website and then convert those visitors into clients and qualified leads. SPRY does this through effective Internet Marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimization services.

What about traditional marketing?

We don’t stop online though. SPRY has been creating effective Print Marketing & Communication collateral since 1991 while based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. SPRY happens to “get” both traditional and interactive marketing strategies and feels that both should be a part of an effective Marketing Strategy. Through marketing methods like Direct Marketing utilizing print and email, we can increase the overall campaign conversion and ROI.


Traditionally, your company’s advertising options for marketing products and services include such channels as print, radio, television, direct mail, telemarketing and trade shows. Marketing paradigms have shifted greatly over the last few years and the option of launching multi-faceted, or integrated advertising campaigns, no longer exists to reach your audience. More and more consumers are searching for you and your services on the internet. The issue then becomes how easily can you be found?

Whether your company has a web presence or not, it’s imperative that you develop a strong Internet Marketing strategy to bring searchers to you and turn them in to clients. In order to do this successfully, you and your company cannot simply build a website and expect it to increase sales. Only an effective plan will produce the exposure you need.


SPRY has a common goal with all of our clients — results. We strive to deliver fast, effective results for each of our clients because we know that excellent results for you, equate to excellent results for ourselves. SPRY prides itself on our carefully tailored processes, procedures, products & services. To our clients we offer our proven, high quality services and an ongoing relationship built on a common goal — world class results!

For more information on the services available from SPRY, contact us by email at info@sprydesign.com or (403) 775-1331. We look forward to welcoming you to our family.